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In 2022, I began my journey of learning how to dive. This is an essential skill for a marine biologist and it was past time that I learnt how to navigate the watery world in which I engross myself on a daily basis. These are my personal experiences, one dive at a time.

Open Water Dive 3 + 4

My open water course had come to an end and it was time to become a qualified diver. The final open water dives aimed to reinforce all of the skills I had been taught and put them to work. There… Continue Reading →

Confined Water Dive 4 + 5 & Open Water Dive 2

It had been over a week since I had last dived and I was a little bit nervous. The session began like usual: we gathered our equipment, set it up, checked it all worked properly, and then had a quick… Continue Reading →

Confined Water Dive 2 + 3

I came back to the dive centre a week later. Now I had signed up to the course, it was time to learn some serious techniques and apply them in the water. I was eager to get back in the… Continue Reading →

Open Water Dive 1 + Confined Water Dive 1

On a sunny Friday afternoon, I made my way to my nearest PADI dive centre. I was lucky enough to begin my diving adventure in beautiful Mallorcan waters. Before fully committing to the course, I was able to participate in… Continue Reading →

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