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Reviews of books exploring topics closely linked to marine biology

‘The Soul of an Octopus’ by Sy Montgomery

The Soul of an Octopus is more than just a science book. It is a rich exploration of one of Earth’s most intelligent and elusive animals: the octopus. Sy Montgomery is a naturalist and author and has been involved in… Continue Reading →

‘Ask an Ocean Explorer’ by Dr Jon Copley

‘Ask an Ocean Explorer’ is a vibrant insight into the life of a deep-sea biologist. Written by scientific adviser of the critically acclaimed Blue Planet II, this book answers questions often asked by ocean lovers. Questions such as ‘how do… Continue Reading →

‘Mapping the Deep’ by Robert Kunzig

When I began my search for the most influential books for aspiring marine biologists, ‘Mapping the Deep’ by Robert Kunzig was one of the most frequently recommended. And as I turned the final page of Kunzig’s extensive account of the… Continue Reading →

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