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The Deep Scattering Layer – Earth’s Largest Migration

The study of animal movement has intrigued ecologists and animal enthusiasts throughout the centuries. Across the entire animal kingdom, movement plays a pivotal role in many aspects of life. Dispersal, migration, and foraging movements are just some examples of movement… Continue Reading →

Surviving the Polar Night – How the FOODBANCS Project Changed Antarctic Ecology

When we think of Antarctica, an expansive, frozen wasteland is usually what comes to mind. Perhaps this image is justified; Antarctica is an ice-covered continent, spanning 14,200,000 km2 with average temperatures ranging from -10 °C to -60 °C from the… Continue Reading →

A Macabre Milestone – Another Mass Coral Bleaching Event on the Great Barrier Reef

Coral bleaching is quickly becoming one of the most infamous effects of global warming and poses a threat to temperate and tropical coral species worldwide. In fact, coral reefs are so susceptible to changing climatic conditions that the 2018 IPCC… Continue Reading →

The Peculiar Nature of Xenophyophores

The deep sea is regarded by many as “other-worldly”; a description that in part owes itself to the existence of the alien-like organisms that reside there. From nightmare-inducing anglerfish to the infamously ugly blobfish, the deep sea is often the… Continue Reading →

Nature’s weapon – The Mantis Shrimp

The mantis shrimps are a fierce group of marine crustaceans belonging to the order Stomatopoda. Pre-dating the dinosaurs, this fascinating group of animals branched off from Malacostraca, the largest of the crustacean classes, 340 million years ago. All living species… Continue Reading →

A New Home – Melting Glaciers Could Provide More Pacific Salmon Habitat

Melting ice caps is just one consequence of global warming and has the potential to affect ecosystems all over the world. Habitat loss, sea level rise, and Arctic amplification are just some of the hazardous results of polar melting. However,… Continue Reading →

Red Tides – A Problem Written in Scripture

Our world depends on algae. Without it, our climate, ecosystems, and life as we know it would all look very different. Often mistaken for plants, algae are a group of photosynthetic organisms of the kingdom Protista that range in size… Continue Reading →

Scientists Discover a New Hope for Antarctic Fish

The Southern Ocean envelops the Antarctic continent and is comprised of all global ocean waters south of 60°S latitude. The Southern Ocean is home to the greatest ocean current, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), which holds 150 times more water… Continue Reading →

Earth’s Conveyor Belt – The Importance of Thermohaline Circulation

Our world is driven by currents of all kinds. From air currents that influence the weather, to convection currents beneath the Earth which are responsible for continental drift; our world’s processes are dominated by currents. The ocean is no exception…. Continue Reading →

A Festive Migration – Christmas Island Crabs Block the Roads

With the first rainfall of the wet season, typically in October or November, Christmas Island red crabs begin their great migration towards the ocean to mate and spawn. The precise timing of the migration that allows the simultaneous migration of… Continue Reading →

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